Pinewood Derby Results

The Pinewood Derby was a great success. A total of 29 Cub Scouts tried out our fast new track. Each den had its own race, with each car racing 4 times. The total score for a car was the average of its 3 best runs. For privacy reasons, we’ve only provided Scouts’ last names and first initials in the results.

Tiger Standings

Wolf Standings

Bear Standings

Webelos Standings

We also had “open class” racing for parents, friends, siblings, and secondary Scout cars. This is always popular, and this year we decided to integrate it more tightly with the other races.

Open Class Standings

Finally, we took all of the Cub Scouts in the pack and had another as one unit. In the spirit of time, each Scout raced two times. His final standing was determined by his best time. The timer added an interesting new dimension to the racing and does a good job of showing how competitive our cars are. In the full pack standings, notice that only 0.01s separates places 4-8.

Full Pack Standings

We also had a competition for the best looking cars. We will post those results shortly.

Except for one windows meltdown caused by the race software or the timer, our first experience with the new system was great.

If you have any questions or would like additional results, just contact Jonathan.

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