Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp at Camp Drake is just around the corner.  This year, Pack 42 will be attending the Gold Session from July 22-25.

This is a three-night (Sunday-Wednesday) camping experience for our Webelos at Camp Drake.  It involves three days of outdoor activities to keep your boys busy and having fun.  There are also lots of chances to earn awards during this trip.  The Webelos that went last year earned 4 activity pins in just three days!  The flyer is attached to this e-mail.

During camp, there will always be two leaders with the boys.  If you would like to spend a portion (or all) of the time at camp, please let me know.  If we have more than two adults, we have more flexibility in what we do.  Currently, I am the only adult who has committed to going to camp.

If you would like your son to attend, the registration deadline is June 25.  To register, you just need to give me a check made out to “Pack 42.” for $130.  If you would like to use your son’s scout account, I can let you know the difference.

Additionally, each scout must have a fully completed health form to attend camp.  This is also attached.  Sections A, B, and C of this form needs to be given to me when you arrive at camp in July.  This health form requires a doctor’s visit, so don’t delay in getting it filled out.  Adults – you also need to have a physical to complete the form.  DON’T DELAY IN SCHEDULING YOUR DOCTOR’S VISIT!

Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me if you have any questions about camp.



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